Calcutta Fire Department

Two volunteer departments service St. Clair Township. Funding for the departments is through voted levies.  The levies produce approximately $260,000 annually, which is split between the Calcutta Volunteer Fire Department and the Glenmoor Volunteer Fire Department. The township fiscal officer disburses the money to both departments on a quarterly basis per the terms of the fire contracts with each department.


Calcutta Volunteer Fire Department
15445 Pugh Road
East Liverpool, OH  43920
Emergency Click to Call:  (330) 386-5311


The Calcutta Volunteer Fire Department was established in 1954 and founded by Normal Neal. The Department purchased their first truck and had 9 firefighters on staff. In 2001 the department moved into its new Fire Station on Pugh Road, across from the street from the old one. The new facility features drive thru bays, decontamination showers, training room, office space and room for expansion on the second floor. The department covers 30 square miles of rural urban communities, with an ISO rating of 5 with our sister station. Currently protecting a population of 8000 plus, with over 500 businesses, a K-12 school, a college, State Park and one of the busiest roads in Columbiana County. The Calcutta Volunteer Fire Department has strived to keep pace with the growing township.

The Staff has expanded into various areas. The Inspection Bureau consists of Certified Fire Inspectors who conduct inspections and review plans. The Training Divisions have one Certified Instructors who train station personnel. Firefighters have received training in Firefighting, Hazmat, Radiation Monitoring, Medical Assistance, Rescue and Rope Rescue.




Engine 32: 1996 Supthen Custom Pumper, 1250gpm Pump with class A and B foam system and a 1000 Gallon Tank. 500’ pre-connected 1 ½ attack line and 200’ pre-connect 2 ½” attack line. Six Airpacks and spare bottles, Thermal Image Camera, Spare Appliances and Forcible Entry Tools, Positive Pressure Fan, 250 GPM Portable Pump, Full Complement of Ground Ladders, Salvage Covers, Chain Saw, Rope, Hard Suction Lines, Pre-Piped Deck Gun, Generator







Squad 32: 2003 F550 Ford/Darley Mini Attack, 750 GPM Pump with CAFs System. 250-Gallon Water tank and 20 Gallon Foam Tank. 300’ Pre-Connect 1 ½” Attack Line, 700’ Water Supply Line, 150’ 2 ½” Pre-Connect attack Line. Complete Amkus Rescue Tools, Jaws, Cutter, Rams, Chains and Support Tools, Air Bag System, Lock Tite Cribbing, Rope Rescue Equipment, 900’ Rope, 4 Harnesses, Carabineers, Webbing and Rope Rescue Support Equipment, Stokes Basket, Backboard, 4 Airpacks and Spare Bottles, First Aid Kit and AED, Spare Nozzles, Forcible Entry Tools, 24’ Ladder







Engine 34: 2005 International/Ferrara 1250 GPM Pump, 1200-Gallon Water Tank and 20 Gallon Class A Foam Tank. 500’ Pre-Connected 1 ½” Attack Line, 200’ 2 ½” Pre-Connect Attack Line, 1300’ Pre-Connect Supply Line. 3 Airpacks and Spare Bottles, Forcible Entry Tools, Thermal Image Camera, Ventilation Fan, Generator, Ground Ladders, 250 GPM Portable Pump, 1500 Gallon Drop Tank, Salvage Covers, Chain Saw, Hard Suction Lines, Rope, Pre-Piped Deck Gun







Squad 34: 2007 Chevy Silverado, 250GPM Pump and a 100 Gallon Water Tank, 1000’ 1” Forestry Hose, Nozzles, 4 Beaters, 4 Rakes, 4 Water Vest, 2 Shovels, 1 Chain Saw, 2 Suction Lines, Spare Appliances and Nozzles