Glenmoor Fire Department

Two volunteer departments service St. Clair Township. Funding for the departments is through voted levies.  The levies produce approximately $260,000 annually, which is split between the Calcutta Volunteer Fire Department and the Glenmoor Volunteer Fire Department. The township fiscal officer disburses the money to both departments on a quarterly basis per the terms of the fire contracts with each department.

Glenmoor Fire Station

Glenmoor Volunteer Fire Department Association
16320 Annesley Road , P.O. Box 2761
East Liverpool, OH  43920
Emergency Click to Call: (330) 385-5627


This department was chartered in 1949 with the help of many area citizens. At that time there were only a few department’s in existence, mostly in area cities and villages. Their main goal was to provide East Liverpool’s paid department with a tanker truck on calls outside of the city. The City of East Liverpool actually gave them their first fire hose. Today they have grown into a very respectable fire department with a new facility built in 2004. There are currently 20 volunteer firefighters on staff.

Association Meetings are held on the third (3rd) Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m.

Executive Board Meetings are held on the first (1st) Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m.

Trainings are held every Thursday (except the 3rd Thursday) begining at 6:30 p.m. hours and each Sunday that follows a Thursday Training session beginning at 10:00 a.m.

Membership is accepted at the age of 15 years at the Junior Firefighter Level and remain at this Level until the age of 18 at which time they are considered at the Recruit Firefighter Level

Recruit Applicants serve a mandatory six (6) month probation period.

Past Members making application to return may serve a three (3) month probation period instead of the regular six (6) month period, but only if they left in good standing of the Department Association and at the discretion of the Executive Board.

Equipment Status

Squad 31: 1983 Chevy Brush Truck-250 gallon water tank, 250 gpm pump- various brush fire equipment-Ems Bag, BVM, Oxygen-Seating for 2-Equipped for EMS Assessment.

Squad 33: 1996 Jeep Cherokee EMS Vehicle-Equipped with various EMS Equipment including AED, Trauma Bag, Oxygen, Battery Operated Suction Device, 2 Folding Backboards, 2 pc Baskey Stretcher, Vacuum Splints with full body Vacuum Mattress, Pediatric Immobilization Board, Cervical Collars, Rope, etc. Seating for 2 – Equipped for Basic Life Support.

Engine 35: 1992 Darley/Spartan Custom-Firefighting-Extrication-1000 gallon water tank-2000 gpm pump-Equipped with 6 SCBA, Extra SCBA Air Cylinders, Forcibe Entry Tools, Extinquishers, Positive Pressure Fan, Generator, Various Sizes of hose and nozzles, AMKUS Combination Spreader/Cutter Extrication Tool, AMKUS Power Unit, Class A Foam, Foam Applicator Nozzle, Trauma Bag, Oxygen, One Folding Backboard, Hand Operated Suction Device, Cervical Collars, etc.-Seating for 6-Equipped for Basic Life Support.

Engine 37: 1994 Darley/Ford – Rescue/Vehicle Extrication – EMS-200 gallon water tank-250 gpm pump-Equippmed with SCBA, AMKUS Spreader, Cutter, Various size Rams, Chains, Power Unit, 50 ton Air Bag Set, Stabilization Kit (Rescue Struts), Hand Tools, Hazardous Material Clean-up Supplies, Trauma Bag, Oxygen, Battery Operated suction Device, Cervical Collars, Vacuum Splints, 4 Backboards, etc.-Seating for 5 – Equipped for Basic Life Support.

Engine 39: 1985 Sutphen-Firefighting – 750 gallon water tank- 1250 gpm pump-Equipped with various sizes of hose, Extinquishers, 4 SCBA, Extra SCBA Air Cylinders. Trauma Bag, Oxygen, One (1) backboard, Cervical Collars, Hand Operated Suction Device, etc.-Seating for 5- Equipped for Basic Life Support.

Tanker 33: 1983 FMC/GMC-Water Shuttle-1500 gallon water tank – 500 gpm pump – Equipped with various sizes of hose, 1500 gallon portable water tank (Drop Tank), Seating for 2.

Tanker 35: 1990 GMC – Firefighting/Water Shuttle – 1250 gallon water tank – 500 gpm pump-Equipped with various sizes of hose, 2 SCBA, Floating Portable Pump, 1500 gallon portable water tank (Drop Tank), EMS Bag, Oxygen, Seating for 3-Equippmed for EMS Assessment.

Most EMS First Responder Personal Vehicles: Equipped with EMS Equipment to provide for Assessment and Basic Life Support.  Equipment being carried includes BP Cuffs, Stethoscopes, Bag Valve Masks and/or Pocket Type Masks, Gloves, Various sizes of gauze/bandages, etc.

Equipment in Reserve: 2 Backboards fully equipped, Extra Oxygen Cylinders, Extra Adult Bag Valve Masks (BVM’s), Extra Stethoscopes, Extra Canisters for Battery Operated Suction Devices, Extra Medical Gloves in various sizes.

Important Dates of the Early Years

Glenmoor Fire Station

May 1926: Residents of the Glenmoor area begin having meetings to discuss forming a Volunteer Fire Department with monies raised through numerous fund raising events.

June 1926: The demonstration of a Fire Siren to be purchased.

September 1926: lnstallation of the Fire Siren is complete

June 1927: The Demonstration of Glenmoor’s new Chemical Fire Engine which carried two 45-gallon soda acid tanks, several smaller tanks, ladder’s, axe’s, lantern’s, hose and other equipment

1948: Decision to re-structure the Department to be known officially as the Glenmoor Volunteer Fire Department Association. The Department would provide fire protection to Glenmoor and surrounding areas.

February 19, I949: With Articles of lncorporation, became a Chartered organization with the state of Ohio.

March 1949: Fred Hopper named to the Fire Chief position with Theodore G. Appleby named as Assistant Chief.

September 1949: Ground breaking began for a new fire station on State Route 267.

December 1949: Construction of the new fire station is complete, constructed of red brick at a cost of 12,000.00

February 1950: Dedication of the new station is to take place.

2005: Completion of the new fire station located at 16320 Annesley Road.