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Special Hauling Application

Applications for Special Hauling are available at the Township Administration Building located at 15442 Pugh Road, Calcutta, Ohio 43920. 
Please call (click to call) 330-382-1004 if you would like to have this application faxed, mailed or emailed to you directly,

or you can download it from this Website using the following link.

Terms and Conditions of Resolution No. 07-JUN-096
Special Hauling – St. Clair Township, Columbiana County, Ohio

  1. The owner or authorized representative of the company that will be hauling shall petition the board of trustees to improve any township roadway that is affected by the hauling of heavy loads and hauling of heavy equipment, which travel the township road(s).  Submitting a form supplied by the township fiscal officer will complete this requirement.

  2. The authorized company shall pay the costs and expenses incurred by the St. Clair Township Board of Trustees for the costs and expenses of making the improvement; including compensation and damages, and the cost of relocating any conduits, cables, wires, towers, poles, or other equipment or appliances of any public utility, located on, over, or under the portion of the road affected by such improvement.

  3. The township road supervisor shall prepare a report prior to hauling to establish the road condition and actual miles of roadway that may be affected.  He shall also prepare a report after the hauling to determine if the township road sustained damage.

  4. The roadway shall be kept clean and free of mud and wood debris.

  5. At the point of access to the property, the company who is hauling shall construct an aggregate area to support the roadway edge and prevent mud from being tracked onto the road.

  6. No parking of the company hauling vehicles or equipment or storage of logs in the case of a logging company shall be permitted in the Township road right-of-way.

  7. Water from the property that the hauling pertains to shall not be discharged onto the Township roadway surface.

  8. The owner or authorized representative of the company shall provide a License / Permit Bond to St. Clair Township written by a surety company authorized to do business in the State of Ohio with the owner as Principal and St. Clair Township as Obligee. The bond given to the Board of Trustees shall be in such an amount as the Board determines to secure the payment of all costs and expenses to repair the roadway.

  9. The bond amount will be $10,500.00 dollars per mile of road for authorized trucks and or equipment traveling it.  Once the owner or authorized representative determines the routes and miles for hauling, the Fiscal Officer will calculate the amount of the bond.

  10. The bond shall be submitted to the Fiscal Officer of the township prior to the date transporting will begin.

  11. The bond will be released once usage is completed and the road is determined to be undamaged or repaired St. Clair Township should be notified once usage is completed so that a timely inspection can be completed.

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