St. Clair Township
Columbiana County, State of Ohio

St. Clair Township was established on March 5, 1805, by the Board of Commissioners, being Enos Thomas, George Atterholt, and John Crumbacker.  The Township takes its name from General Arthur St. Clair.  St. Clair was born in Scotland in 1734.  After arriving in America, St. Clair served with honor in the French and Indian War under General James Wolfe.  At the close of the war, St. Clair was named Commander of Fort Ligonier.  During the Revolution, St. Clair served in the Battles of Trenton and Princeton.  He was appointed Brigadier and then later a Major General.  After the Revolution, St. Clair retired on a grant of 1000 acres near Ligonier.  During this time, St. Clair became President of the Continental Congress.  With the establishment of the Northwest Territory, of which St. Clair Township and Ohio are a part, General St. Clair, in 1788, was named its first Governor.  It is for this reason that St. Clair Township carries General Arthur St. Clair’s name.