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St. Clair Township Road Department

Scott Barrett, Road Supervisor


15470 East Liverpool Road

East Liverpool, OH 43920


Fax:  330-385-5510

Hours:  7:00am - 3:00pm

The St. Clair Township Road Department is one of the finest in the county. The road department maintains 70.609 miles of roadway. We have a staff of four full-time personnel and one part-time person in the summer for mowing. Scott Barret, Road Supervisor; James Campbell, Ken Burbick and Dave Smith make up the road crew.

Authorization Forms and General Information

Authorization Forms are available at the St. Clair Township Government Building, Fiscal Office located at 15442 Pugh Road, Calcutta, Ohio 43920 or by download from this Website.  Please click on the following links for more information.

2022 Chip & Seal Program

Ditch Authorization

Driveway Culvert Authorization

Application to Work Within a Township Right-of-Way

Special Hauling Application

Ohio Drainage Laws – Simplified

Who is responsible? Ohio laws governing water rights and drainage are complex. Serious disputes between land owners are often settle in court on a case-by-case basis. The laws are not easily summarized, however the list below explains a few of the more common drainage laws.

  • A landowner is entitled to the reasonable use of the water that flows across his/her land as long as the water is returned to its natural watercourse when it leaves the property. This includes ponding water behind a dam for personal use or making drainage improvements to protect structures.

  • A landowner is generally required to accept the water that flows onto his/her property in a natural water course, so long as no additional water from another watershed has been added to such flow.

  • A landowner is generally obligated to outlet a natural water course on his/her downstream neighbor at the same point the water left the property where it did prior to any development at the site. Put more simply, water should enter and leave your property where it did prior to any construction activities. Changing the flow of water in a manner that causes damage to upstream or downstream neighbors may result in legal liabilities for those damages.

  • At this time, there is no government agency that has any authority to issue orders or otherwise resolve conflicts over water rights or drainage problems between neighbors. The exception my be the few cities that have drainage or storm water ordinances.


Soil and Water Conservation Districts can assist landowners who voluntarily wish to correct drainage problems on their own land. This often requires cooperation between adjoining property owners. Contact the Columbiana Soil and Water Conservation District at 1834-BSouth Lincoln Avenue, Salem, Ohio 44460. Phone (click to call): 330-332-8732 or 1-877-345-1198. Fax: 330-332-2976

Hazardous Fluids – Disposal

Contact the Solid Waste District at (click to call) 330-627-7311 or Heritage Thermal Services customer service at (click to call) 330-386-2145

Authorizatin Forms
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